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福彩3d开奖结果走势图:Returns Policy

What happens if the product I ordered isn’t as I expected?

If the product is not what you originally ordered in your purchase order, we will happily replace the product with what you want and cover the shipping charges. It is important the incorrect product is returned within a 10 day period, calculated from the receipt of goods date. It is important to note we do not exchange or refund on ‘change of mind.’

What do I do if my products are damaged on arrival?

You can return your damaged product and we can replace it for you free of charge.

Please note; in this case, all shipping charges are covered by MOR. Simply contact MOR on?[email protected]?or call us on Tel: + 61 3 9600 4599 during office hours, Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm (AEST) and ask for Website Customer Service. From there you will be sent a Returns Authorisation form that you will be required to complete and return to us with your online receipt and invoice along with the damaged product(s). Important Note: For privacy and security reasons, MOR does not store credit card information – you must include this information on the MOR Returns Form to receive your refund.

If you still have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact MOR on?[email protected]?or call us on Tel: + 61 3 9600 4599 and ask for Website Customer Service.

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